AWL1 – Quantum Multifunction Generator

You get a specific device that transmits frequencies of sounds, colors, images and information to the body. The organs and the psyche are harmonized via frequencies in feedback. The frequencies are transmitted to the organism via electrodes or even in a non-contact quantum telemetry way.

The transmitted information harmonizes the organs, but also has a positive effect on the subconsciousness. They help to dissolve various psychic blocks. Thousands of years old information was used here and processed into a program that is easy to use. It can also be used by people who do not have knowledge in the field of medicine. They usually use automatic mode. Professionals have the option of customizing it according to their knowledge.

Harmonization takes place on several levels – as resonance, color, symbol, holographic matrix or as an information treatment. It depends on each person whether they seem to receive or prevent this transmitted information from the device. The more open they are, the greater the success of therapy. The device works as a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter transmits a signal and it is up to you whether you turn off your radio or zou will receive the transmitted information.

Prayer works on a similar basis. Someone prays for you, wishes you healing, sends you love and joy. If you accept it, then at that moment you have more peace and quiet in your heart. The healing process then proceeds much faster. It is even scientifically proven. In one American hospital, they made an interesting experiment: patients were selected for whom a group of people prayed. These patients left the hospital on average three days earlier, did not have as many postoperative problems and were far better mentally than those for whom no one prayed.

From the point of view of the universal divine order, the disease signals internal and external imbalances, disharmony and deviation. Every disease wants to tell a person something important and point out the real reasons for his imbalance. True healing cannot come from outside, but must come from within, through changes in consciousness, as well as through the changes in thought and emotional patterns that have been the cause. Every person can only be truly healed if he (again) learns to understand the messages of his soul, his body, and re-establishes a universal order within himself. This generator can be a great helper in this process.

Recommendations for all therapists : Come and try the device in person at a demonstration seminar to discover the huge potential of its use and to measure the effectiveness of various harmonizations after 10 minutes of operation. Bring any popular bioresonance device, such as Bicom, Oberon, Dynamics, EAV, ECG muscle test or even automatic drawing.

To make the program easy to use, it has been divided into 82 categories, from which you can choose to run harmonization. Some are simple and transmit only the frequency and information of fruits, vegetables, herbs. There are also very complex programs, such as the correction of meridians, chakras that are blocked by some unpleasant events we or our ancestors experienced and which were subsequently transcribed into our genetic code.

If you understand the category, you can choose according to intuition and experience. If you have no experience with it and want to use it, check everything in the category and click the Save icon. The program goes through each marked category and, based on the feedback, emits the correct information or frequency that the client needs at the moment. If they no longer need it, the frequency switches off automatically. You have a device in your hands that has millions of setting options. But stick to the “sometimes use less” rule.

The program has certain brakes. However, you may start to feel tired or start crying after running one of the programs that includes mental harmonization. To limit it to an acceptable level, it would be a good idea to run a psychic program with a program that energizes your endorphins, the hormones of happiness, such as the program of superlatives, positive affirmations. To that you can add a program for harmonizing the aura, chakras, meridians or the EFT program, which performs energetic “tapping” at the end points of the meridians. Then 90% of side effects do not occur. These reactions usually occur with the first harmonizations.

Every client coming to your consultancy gives you their trust and expects help from you. You are becoming their guide on the path to healing. When talking to a client, you should lead them to the fact that their disease is not just a dysfunction of an organ, but of all parts – body, spirit and soul are interconnected and we cannot separate them. If we want to heal the body, we have to put in order both physical and mental things. This is the principle of holistic medicine. Guide clients to think about what they should change in life. For example, diet, more relaxation, exercise, but also forgiveness to oneself, to others, learning to love oneself – I do not mean strengthening the ego, but making oneself happy regularly.

Some people want to work on themselves, but they don’t have the strength to do it. This program is designed for those people. It is a help for those who want to change something in their lives. If it’s not wanted, it doesn’t work. Interestingly, the more people believe that they can be helped, the faster the healing process takes place. It’s not just a placebo effect for self-medication, but there’s nothing stopping this program from starting to rid the body of mental viruses and restarting the whole organism.

Some clients are afraid of therapy and are stiff.  They do not know what will happen and how. Therefore, before starting the program, it is good to explain simply on what principle the program works, what they can expect and to create an atmosphere of peace and quiet. Then everything goes much faster. Sensitive individuals may perceive the effects of harmonization in various parts of the body very intensely, those who are less sensitive may perceive general calm, greater joy or peace.