Program Operating Instructions

The program is also adapted to touch screens. It can be installed on better quality tablets that have Windows. Then there is no barrier between you and the client. During a joint conversation, you click on an icon here and there and set up a harmonizing treatment that you can already apply telemetrically during the call. Within a few minutes you can observe visible changes in the client.

Clicking on the Start button takes you to the Clients – Data page. At the bottom there is a New icon. If we click on it, we will see a table in which we can enter the first name, last name, date of birth, residence and all the necessary initials of the client. These initials are very important and are used for quantum transfer of information. The minimum is to fill in at least the first three fields. The others are used to anchor the first three boxes and the residence is necessary to disturb pathogenic zones and clear the area where the person lives. This is with the help of the program  Zones, which can be found further down in the program database. If you can take a photo of the client or they send you a personal photo of themselves, then that is very good, or even after a long time you will remember who they are and the program can find them without the additional initials. The Photo icon is used to transfer this photo to the program. A few centimeters below it is the Interval (days) box. Here we can set the client to be treated every second or third day. The normal setting is 1, that is, every day. If the green date box is lit one box down, it means the client is being treated. If the green date box is not lit, the client is not being treated. Below the green date field is the Quantum Transmission button. This always needs to be clicked when adding a client and set the quantum transfer by selecting and checking what quantum transfer we want to use. There is only one set there. If you use more than one, the transmission will be stronger. There is also an option to choose to have the treatment backwards in 30, 60 or 90 days. Check only one of the options. It is also possible to strengthen the treatment by creating virtual clones. After selecting quantum transfers, be sure to save. Comment. Once opened, you can write down the client’s diagnosis, surgeries performed, medications, etc. 

Under the quantum settings button we have the Basic settings button. After listing the basic client information, you may or may not click on this icon. If you do this, it will set up the basic harmonization for the client and then you can just set up their specific issues or any other categories that you see fit to harmonize the client. This will save you a lot of time. If you don’t click that button, you will have a completely clean database when you open it. You can also check the Basic Settings button at any later time.

If you have filled in the initials, click the save button and the name will appear on the left side of the screen in the Separate Quantum Harmonization section. There is a Delete icon down the middle of the screen. If you highlight the client on the left side of the screen and click on the delete icon, the client and all of their initials will be deleted.

1) The program can work online.

It is usually used to set up harmonization via electrode connection when the client is physically present in your office.

2) Remote – quantum – telemetry

This is an automated program that harmonizes clients at home. A quantum multi-function generator connects to them 7 times a day at any time you set for the entire group of people you will be harmonizing. You can harmonize hundreds of people at the same time this way. To do this, there are 7 icons located on the top left called 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Each number represents a specific hour when the selected program is running. Everyone has their own individual harmonization schedule, but they all start at the same preset time. This can be set using the Group, Common Quantum Harmonization icon, which is right at the beginning of the initial window on the right side, where the client’s information is entered. The Group icon is located at the bottom right. For example, set icon 1 at 5am, icon 2 at 8am, icon 3 at 11am, icon 4 at 2pm, icon 5 at 5pm, and icon 6 at 8pm, icon 7 at 11pm.


To add a client to the group harmonization, left-click on the client twice. A window opens and we click on 1, 2 or 3. Depending on which number we click on, the number of months the client will be included in the group harmonization. After confirming the number by clicking on it, the selected client will move to the group harmonization and his name will appear there. A number will also appear at the end of the name to show how many more days his preset harmonization will last.

General operation of all 82 selected categories.

When we click on the icon called Personal, this table of different databases and programs to be harmonized appears. At the very top we have four blue buttons called Pain, Inflammation, Infection and Degeneration. These will change to red when checked. We can turn them on or off at any time. They work independently outside the whole system. They help reduce pain, inflammation, infection and are anti-degenerative.

In the middle of these buttons is a fifth special button, the Auto Harmonize Generator. It is a special program that is controlled with the help of a random number generator. The program sets the treatment completely by itself as it sees fit. It chooses from various categories of 1-15 items. It then changes these to a different type of treatment every 10 minutes and 40 seconds. In total, it uses around 2000 harmonisation items at any one time.

Use the Personal 1 or Personal 2 button to switch between two pages of the database to be harmonized.

Here we will show an illustrative example. Click on the Aura-Chakra icon. It will open the desired program in this window.

On the top right side we have 4 icons: All, None, Selected only, Save

If you click on the All icon, it will select all the things that are in the selected database. You don’t have to check one item after another and it saves a lot of time.

If you click the None icon, all the selected things that are in the database are deselected. You don’t have to click one item after another and it saves a lot of time.

If you click on the  Selected Only icon, then the database table, which has 300 items, will only show the ones you have selected and you don’t have to laboriously search for where and which ones they are. Again, this saves time.

If we click the Save button, then everything we have set up on the page is saved and we can go to the next category and again select another treatment option. If we have, for example, 5 categories selected, then we will start all five categories of harmonizations at once. We can stop a harmonization at any time, or directly add another harmonization while one is in progress, or remove one in progress. Remember to always click the Save icon before leaving each category. Otherwise the program you have prepared will not be saved. If you want the client to be harmonized in a group harmonization, don’t forget to click one of the 1234567 icons as well. When you click it, the white color will become black. Then you have an overview and know at what time this program will run for that client.

Most databases that contain a lot of entries are sorted alphabetically. A few databases where there are not many entries are, stored system-wide for better clarity.

There is a white box at the top right of each database. This field serves as a word search. For example, if you type inflammation into it, it will line up all the entries with inflammation underneath, although sometimes it may be the second or third word in the line.

On the top left side, below the 1234567 icons, which are used to set the time for the harmonize group, there are two small white boxes. The first one is for setting the transmission frequency or pulsation of patterns, symbols, points in meridians, pulsation of points in EFT, acupuncture. We do not recommend changing this setting for the time being. Only after you fully understand the whole system, you can start experimenting. The second one is used to set the length of the program. Usually they are set from 30-180 minutes. It is good to have at least 0.5-1 hour between each harmonization, so that the body has time to process the transmitted information and frequencies on a physical and mental level. There are some exceptions and these are affirmations, prayers, geopathogenic zone jamming, jamming negative radiation from wi-fi network and some others that can run non-stop. These exceptions are labeled and we can recognize them by the fact that they have NS written at the end of their name.

Below these two white boxes is one longer white box where you can write anything. This selected white box has a unique position. The program takes the command or information you type into it as its priority. In this way, you can use even what is not in the databanks. However, if you make a mistake and the client might be harmed, the program will not accept your command. So, for example, you won’t find an herb in the databases that you would use for treatment. Just type it into that long white box and the frequency of that herb will be included in the quantum transmission first. Or you won’t find a favorite song in the sound program that you’d like to treat with. Simply type in the name of the song and perhaps the artist who sings it and when the program is started, that song will begin to transmit into the subconscious mind of that client. If you use this field, be sure to save these settings by checking the *My Setting* box in the top right of the first row in the table.

In the middle of the screen you will find the Transmission button. Clicking on this icon will transfer the information, matrix or frequency to the pre-selected location, vials, water, sugar, etc. Especially those who work with homeopathics will be happy, because they get a tool with which they will be able to make any homeopathic medicine and in any potency. They have about 11,500 of them in their database and can add their own. All they have to do is type them in the longer white box on the top left. Leave the homeopathic potency on the machine or write your own potency in the box, for example 30 CH.

At the bottom right we have a Start button. With this we can start immediately any selected item from the database. For example, I’m in the vitamins database. I’ll set up vitamin C and B12 and we can start the frequency of those vitamins immediately with this button.

If we want to exit, we click on the Stop icon and the Back icon, which is on the bottom left to get to the other databases. Or we click on the Save icon and the selected vitamin C and B12 will be saved and then we can ingest them to harmonize with all the selected databases at once.

This is what the databases you have selected to treat with the Save icon look like. A red dot is lit next to each of them. For inactive programs, the blue dot is lit.

In the middle of the panel is a window called Tri-vector Holographic Analyzer.

This shows us the information transfer of the ongoing harmonization. Whether it is in progress or not, but also when the information is transferred when the Transfer icon is clicked. If it is in progress, we can see 3 colored progressing lines in this field. If no action is in progress, it is in this idle state.

Click on the Clients icon to go back to the beginning, where all clients in the database are stored. Clicking on the End icon will exit the program.

How the whole system works

I can’t fully describe the whole system to you in detail, even though it is perfectly secure. Your computer is connected quantumly to the super computer. That’s where all the control software is uploaded. The supercomputer is linked to several backup servers and to Akasha. For those who don’t know what Akasha is, it’s simply a database where all the information is stored. Your computer or laptop, just serves as a keyboard and memory for you to know who you have in the database and what harmonization you have set up. The patterns sent from the super computer are absolutely pure and unencumbered by negative energies or information. For example, if you set up an apple in the database, the supercomputer will go through the entire database in Akasha and find the best suitable apple out of all the thousands of varieties available. The program is so intelligent that it will communicate with you in any language, at your level and with your thoughts. It seems impossible to you. Even today on the internet, some online stores have uploaded software that communicates with you according to your queries and finally convinces you to buy the product or service. It’s called artificial intelligence. After you have set all the harmonization parameters, you can even turn off your computer and the program continues to work. This only applies to group harmonization. This saves energy and your computer. When working with a client in the office, do not turn off the computer, if it goes to sleep, the harmonization stops and continues only when the computer wakes up.

Extended explanation of the individual databases.

If you wanted a detailed explanation of what each database means, I wouldn’t have anything else to do for the rest of my life. It’s not in my power to describe it all. For example, the I Ching alone, which has been used for treatment for 6,000 years, contains so much information that you have to read dozens of books to understand its capabilities. I don’t know them either. But I do know that if my body needs some information, it will pull it from each symbol. If you find something you don’t understand or don’t know what it’s related to, look for information on the internet or in books. We can discuss some things in person at the seminar.

Aura – Chakras

It is quite a complex program that has many subroutines. It is set up for the basic 12 chakras. There are 13 in the database because women have 1 different chakra. Chakra 1+9 is very important. They are already in the astral body. If they don’t work as they should, not enough energy gets to the third chakra. It can’t distribute it well to the other chakras. The chakraVerticalization program rotates the chakras from horizontal to upward. This is how they were originally set up. After centuries of focusing only on ourselves and disconnecting from the light source, they have flipped as we have them now. Polarization helps us to have the + and – set correctly in the body. The Earthing program activates your other three chakras -1, -2, -3. These are already underground. This is probably very new information to you that is not normally known. But you will find many more in this program. Program C, Cis, D, Dis, etc. program runs us through the entire octave of tone and tries to remove blockages on the chakras with sound. The Holographic Mudra program switches the energy in your hands with individual mudras for one minute at a time. This harmonizes the meridians. Halite salt pulls negative energy into itself. After a few minutes, this salt burns with fire, which cleanses the energy fields. The silver then completes this cleansing within three minutes. Gold then harmonizes the aura for 7 minutes. A holographic Merkaba is cast on the harmonizing figure. The top spins to the right, the bottom to the left. This induces a greater union of body, spirit and soul. The left and right hemispheres are harmonized. The subtle bodies begin to harmonize. They begin to spin against each other at high speed, and the holes in the aura are closing. Plasma begins to form and the whole aura becomes energetically denser. The aura expands to several tens of meters. On average, humans have an aura of about 1.5 meters. Some individuals can expand their aura for several kilometres. If this program is run with prayers and affirmations, for example, then the aura reaches several tens of kilometers in some people. The energy called Kundalini begins to flow more through the entire chakra system. If we add Rhodium and Iridium, everything has an even stronger effect. The frequency of the gemstones further activates all the changes taking place. Individual programs are automatically switched off or on for the duration of the set treatment. This program works very well in synergy with the Prayers, Affirmations, Meridians, EFT and I-ting programs.

Recommended setting for the program:
Pulsation 70,000/s

Aura-Sóma – Equilibrium AWL

There is a whole set of two-color vials in this category. Equilibrium containing color, plant and mineral energies. They contain the original formula but are loaded with absolutely pure mineral and plant frequencies directly from Akashi. Therefore, they should have a greater harmonization efficiency.

Recommended setting for this program: twice a day for 120 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the evening


With this setting we have to be careful if we want to harmonize all meridians at once or by organ clock. When we have the window marked by organ clock, we harmonize gradually over 24 hours.

Recommended setting for this program: twice a day for 120 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the afternoon


In this category we have several dozen organs that we harmonize with the Fibonacci equation, etc. This category is closely related to cells, so it is advisable to run these categories Organs and Cells at the same time.

Recommended setting for this program: once a day for 90 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the afternoon


In this category, cells are harmonized by superimposing the original healthy holographic matrices on all our cells.

Recommended setting for this program: once a day for 90 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the afternoon

DNA – RNA – Chromosones

In this program, new holographic matrices are loaded onto damaged ones. The telomere elongation program is activated.

Recommended setting for this program: once a day for 120 minutes.
Pulsation 528/s in the morning


This program monitors a woman’s menstrual cycle according to her genetic code and tries to adjust the optimal hormone level according to the phase of the cycle she is currently in. Not to be missed in those taking birth control pills. They could set them off. In men, it balances levels continuously.

Recommended setting for this program: women twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the morning and evening

Recommended setting for this program: men 1x a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s in the evening

Amino acids

Transmits frequency and amino acid information.

Recommended setting for this program: 2x per day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon


Transmits frequency and amino acid information.

Recommended settings for this program: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon/evening


Transmits frequency and element information

Recommended settings for this program: 3 times a day for 40 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon/evening


Transmits frequency and fruit information

Recommended setting for this program: 1x per day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning


Transmits vegetable frequencies and information.

Recommended setting for this program: once a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s afternoon


Airs frequencies and information of herbs.

Recommended setting for this program: 2x per day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s afternoon


Transmits frequencies and information of minerals, stones.

Recommended setting for this program: 2x per day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s  morning/afternoon


Can be experienced as light therapy. Contains all healing colors of all dimensions.

Recommended setting for this program: 2x per day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

Sound – frequency

This category is very variable and can be used in many ways. Firstly, we have Solfeggi’s pre-set healing frequencies, as well as several well-known songs and tunes, sounds of nature, birds, water, dolphins, musical instruments, etc. We will definitely not use the all icon in this category. We will select a song and mark it in the list, for example Ave Maria, then mark the icon for who will sing it, for example a Male choir. Then we’ll mark the icon for who will accompany them, for example, Symphony orchestra, then mark My own voice.

When you finally put Start, the resulting sound effect will be this: In the Ave Maria song, you will be singing the first voice solo, accompanied by a male choir and a symphony orchestra. One of the best healing tools for any person is their own voice, so it is advisable to include it often. You can also find the Song of My Soul program in the database. Also a very important thing. At birth, everyone was given their own healing song. But we’ve lost it due to environmental stress. It has a very harmonizing effect and calms our minds.

Music 1,618 Phi and Music 3,14 Pi is music composed according to the Fibonacci formula and the golden ratio in music. You can also find these songs by putting a search in your internet browser on youtube for example Fibonacci music or music 3,14 etc and you will find a lot of very healing songs and tracks. You can then type their name into our special box on the top left. If you also type in the artist, it will be exactly as you found it on the internet. However, I still recommend checking the box, Convert to 432 Hz, and the entire song will be quantum converted to its original cosmic tuning. The A 440 Hz chamber tuning was introduced by the Illuminati before WWII with the intention of damaging our nervous system and controlling people through the media.

If you type nothing in the special window above, or select any particular song from our small database, and check only Music 1,6 or Music 3,14, the songs will begin to be transmitted directly from Akashi, one song at a time for the length of time you have specified in the settings. The songs are selected by the computer program itself. The songs with the tones most needed by the client at that moment are selected.

You can also type in our window the selected song and artist for example Love God Love, Josef Černý, played by dulcimer music and we will mark additionally, piano, bells, drums, Tibetan bowls, running water, birds singing, etc. and when you press Start, everything selected will be added to this original song. Don’t forget to add the conversion to 432 Hz. We also have harmonic frequency amplification in the database. They can give more healing power to tracks or sounds. White, pink and other noises are used separately without tracks. There are limitless ways to use this multifunctional sound generator.

Recommended settings for this program: Not limited even 7 times a day

Number codes

Grabovoy is a Russian healer and has an interesting gift. He can identify a combination of numbers that can be used to cure various diseases. He has no medical training, but he has the gift of accurate diagnosis. Using visualization, he transferred these numbers to the diseased organ and aura. There are over 1100 number combinations of various diseases in this database. The author is constantly adding new combinations. If a given combination of numbers is not found here, you can enter it in our special window on the top left.

Recommended settings for the program: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/noon/evening


This program replenishes the acids that are needed for our health on a frequent basis.

Recommended settings for the program: 2x a day for 40 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s

1-5 Dimension

Each dimension has its own number series, colors + different harmonizing symbols that harmonize the physical to astral level. It is not good to play all at once, but each at a different time. It is best to do the 1st Dimension sequentially. When they finish, the next one and gradually up to the 5th Dimension. You can set the 5th Dimension for all times 1-7.

Number series  1. Dimension are 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144   etc. colors + various harmonization symbols

Number series  2. Dimension are 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512  etc. colors + various harmonization symbols

Number series  3. Dimension are 10,100,1000,10,000,100,000  etc. colors + various harmonization symbols

Number series  4. Dimension are 1,12,144,1728,20736,248832 etc. colors + various harmonization symbols

Number series  5. Dimension are 1+2+3+4=10    1:2,2:3,3:4,4:5 etc. colors + various harmonization symbols

Each dimension has its own special symbols, shapes and colors that can be used to harmonize that dimension. By harmonizing these dimensions, we remove our physical, psychological, mental and hereditary blocks. All information can be found in the book Cosmic Symbols by Dr. Diethard Stelzl.  I recommend to purchase.

Recommended settings for the program:  once a day, one dimension at a time for 120 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s

Acupuncture 1-3

In these categories we can find many acupuncture points that can be used to influence the harmonization of different organs. We just need to find the organs that we need to energetically influence to function better. These are the acupuncture points of the face, front and back of the body. In the search database you enter for example the gall bladder. It can appear multiple times underneath. It’s not a mistake that it was mistakenly typed multiple times, but some organs have multiple acupuncture points to harmonize. If they appear this way, check all of them. Those who are more deeply involved in acupuncture can write directly in our special line the names of the acupuncture points according to Chinese medicine that they want to harmonize.

Recommended settings for the program:  Twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon


The I Ching has been used for treatment for 6000 years. It contains so much information that you have to read a lot of books to understand what it is all about. I don’t know them all either. But I do know that if my body needs some information, it will pull it from each symbol. It removes a lot of mental blocks on different levels. The program is set up so that when it is run, it harmonizes the entire family line 7 generations back, +2 forward, so that it can line up for our children, or our grandchildren. This generational setting is also used in affirmations and prayers.

Recommended settings for the program:  Twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

SRT – Spiritual Response Therapy

This category utilizes dozens of patterns from SRT therapy that can be used to help harmonize our bodies.

Recommended settings for the program:  Twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

RIFE frequency

Rife was a pioneer of bio-resonance therapy. We have dozens of frequencies of healthy organs in this category that we can still use today to harmonize the human body.

Recommended settings for the program:  twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

Sanjeevini organs, Sanjeevini diseases

SRI SATHYA SAI BABA was a spiritual healer who created special mantra-prayers to treat 60 organs in the body and 260 diseases. More of Sanjaya’s mantras are being added all the time, you can add new ones in the box on the left above. Just type in the abbreviation under which you can find it on the internet and type in, for example, DS 280.

“A strong will is the best strengthening medicine. The will becomes strong when you know that you are a child of immortality or a person who has received the grace of God. Medicine and hospital care are for those who doubt, hesitate, and argue about whether this doctor is better than another and this medicine stronger than the others. For those who rely on the Supreme Physician, the medicine that heals is His name.“     “SRI SATHYA SAI BABA”

Recommended settings for the program: 3 times a day for 30 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon/evening

Affirmations by L. L. Hay, Other Affirmations

Affirmations are short and empowering sentences (statements) that we intentionally repeat either out loud or in our thoughts to influence our lives for the better. Affirmations should take hold in our subconscious and become our inner beliefs. An affirmation is a positive thought that changes our stagnant thinking and helps to remove our bad thought programs that we have developed through some negative experiences during our lifetime, picked up from our parents, or carried over from the genetic code of our ancestors. We create them in the present tense and with one intention, e.g. for the topic of self-acceptance, an affirmation might read: I like and accept myself as I am. L.L.Hey’s affirmations are associated with certain ailments both physical and mental. Affirmations work on all levels of our being. They increase our body’s immunity and begin to produce happiness hormones. They create a good mood. We become calmer and more joyful. I recommend that you play the Superlatives database often. Even with the Bible, we can draw lessons from the Apostle Paul’s advice: Brethren, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is any praise – think about it.

Recommended settings for this program: 3 times a day for 30 minutes.
Pulsation 0/s


We usually have a very distorted idea of prayers. Many are the constant ones just begging for something to be done for us without wanting anything to change in our lives. Prayer is supposed to lead us to know ourselves and realize our faults. It teaches us greater humility and compassion. Proper prayer brings us to inner joy. It establishes peace and harmony in the soul. It teaches us to connect to unconditional love – the Creator of the entire universe. Our whole life then becomes a prayer, a beautiful melody of harmonious notes resonating with the whole universe. Prayer is every deep breath in and out. Prayer is every expression of joy, compassion, sincere laughter, every thank you. Prayer is a wish for a good day, a sincere remembrance of our loved ones, a tender caress, a declaration of love. Prayer is a song sung with joy, a joyful dance, or every act of love shown from the heart. Prayer is every experience of sincere joy. When we share ourselves with others and give them words full of love, that too is prayer.  Prayer is the breathing of our soul with God.

I don’t recommend staying for long periods of time talking about our mistakes (they unnecessarily depress us and anchor us in our alpha levels when we pray), but also our requests (we often wish for what is not good for us and the Creator knows what we need most on any given day). Spend time mostly giving thanks for all you have already received, praising and asking blessings for all your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. It is good to end with the phrase,” According to Your holy will be done” and at the end saying Amen means – it is done.  Forget your worries and problems. They are solved for you on a higher level. The most important thing in conclusion. Stop struggling with your sins and mistakes. It is a useless waste of your energy. You will keep repeating them over and over again. The only thing you can do to get rid of them, and it is guaranteed to work, is that immediately after waking up, before you get out of bed, you connect your thoughts to the heavenly central and start sending out, for example, this request:

Thank you and I am grateful for you waking me up for the day. Thank You that this day I may not only be alive from the food You have prepared for me, but also from all the beauty of nature You surround me with and every word that comes from Your mouth. Thank You that even today You are giving me so much health and energy in every cell that I will be able to cope with everything that awaits me today with Your help. I have many plans that I want to realize, but not my will, but according to Your will, let everything happen. Please bless my friends, my family and all people of good will. Open my eyes to see all those in need around me so that I can show acts of love to all the people You send my way today. Please put in my heart love, joy, peace, compassion, hope and other spiritual gifts that you see fit. Grant that my ego may no longer rule over me, but that I may shine with Your unconditional love, like a cut diamond. Should my connection with You be broken through my fault, help me to restore it immediately, so that I may not cause pain to others and thus lose the peace and happiness You have placed in my heart. Thank You, I love You very much and I am grateful to You for everything. I glorify and praise Your holy name, YHVH, in the grace I have been able to receive through Your beloved son Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Amen.

If during the day you have inadvertently lost contact with heavenly headquarters, call back immediately. Man alone cannot conquer the creatures of darkness.You have several sincere prayers in your database that you have as a model. You can write your own, depending on how you feel or perceive it. Write these prayers down on your computer and save them in a document and in the header write My Prayer 1. My Prayer 2. etc. After checking My Prayer 1, the program can find it on your computer. It is also possible to mark Prayer Translation into Aramaic in the database. All prayers are then transmitted in this language. Every word in this language has a very deep meaning. It has a strong energetic charge in the words, therefore it can amplify the meaning of the words very much. Of course, the most important thing in prayer is faith. The greater it is, the greater the power and effectiveness of the prayer. Therefore, ask for more faith and you will witness miracles. I would like to draw your attention to the Prayer of humility and confession of the AWL, which is the fourth in order. When it is triggered or read by the client, it erases the curse of the entire family seven generations back and 2 generations forward if you have children and grandchildren.

Recommended settings for this program: As many times a day as you want.
Pulses 0/s can run non-stop.

Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is a science based on classical geometry in which philosophical meaning is given to certain solids and figures, much like numerology gives higher meanings to numbers, for example. It is found in many cultures throughout history and its methods can be found in the planning and construction of various temples, mosques, churches, altars, and also in the spiritual arts. Sacred geometry can also be found today as part of mandalas – so-called mandalas according to sacred geometry can be created using only a compass. Equal sized circles that have the centers of other equal sized circles on their circumference form the seed, the flower and the tree of life and are themselves a mandala. In the resulting “network” we can find a number of patterns, symbols and laws that are also used in modern architecture.

These patterns have a series of numbers and mathematical equations encoded into them, which we have already shown in Dimensions 1-5. We can use these symbols to correct various emotional, mental and physical problems. We have them all around us in nature, even if we sometimes don’t see them. That is why being in nature is healing. Simple geometric relationships can be found in every life form, which only proves the geometric nature of the universe. For example, bees form honeycombs so that their cells are shaped like regular hexagons, the shells of boats, snails and other animals form logarithmic spirals, plant growth follows the Fibonacci equation, snowflakes are a form of fractal, and many other examples can be found. “The ability of the golden ratio is to create harmony. It arises from its unique skill of bringing together the different parts of the whole so that each retains its own identity, yet merges into the larger pattern of a single whole – the universe.

Recommended settings for the program:  Twice a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

Zones + pyramid

With this program you can set the space in which the client lives to an optimal energetic state during the harmonization period. In addition to removing the various pathogenic and psychosomatic zones, it will clear the negative energies of people who have died in that space, break the curse in that space, and start the feng-shui program. This program establishes harmony in the space and allows the energy to flow unimpeded in the home. By turning on the cloudbuster program, you are clearing the air around your house or apartment of chemtrail. The Pokorka program, it is an energy generator that emits a regular pulse field of + and – at a frequency of about 1 Hz. On this wave you can send love, joy, peace, etc. Just run this harmonization once or twice a day. Pyramid is a program that you can use to energize your whole body. Either you determine exactly where the pyramid should stand, for example, living room base size 5 m. You write the living room in the box at the top left. The same applies to the Pokorka program. Or you can mark the Walking personal pyramid box. It will then continuously move above you throughout the harmonization. There you also have the option of different power settings in the pyramid. Sometimes less is more. Don’t overdo it with the intensity. Also, you can mark and release any colors sequentially in the pyramid. The next program is the Harmonizing Scepters. They harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the body, the brain hemispheres and give energy. The first type is what the Pharaohs used, the second type of scepters is made by today’s technology. If you use the microwave food preparation program, when you take it out, the food will be dozens of percent healthier and some say tastier. The last program is the Energy shield setting, This program is then automatically turned on or off as the client needs in a given situation so that their energy is not taken away by people, the so-called energy vampires.

The Pyramid, Scepter, Humble program: recommended setting of this program: once a day for 30 minutes.
Pulsation 0/s at any time


After running this program, energy points that are related to psyche are activated. With regular harmonization of these points, we can get rid of various emotional problems and psychic blocks.

Recommended settings for the program:  Once a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 70/s morning/afternoon


Mudras are used in healing. Their function is based on regulating the flow of energy in the body. They should be practiced with both hands. The right side of the body is affected by exercising the left hand and vice versa. The mutual touch of the fingers is very important. We have 4,000 nerve endings in the fingertips. This is why Mudras are so effective, because the nerve endings are connected to the organs and can influence, relax, stimulate and harmonize them according to our personal need. The Mudras never create excess energy, but rather have a thermostatic function – optimally balancing prana. So when you are sick, realize that sometimes you can fix it just by properly clasping your hands.

Once started, the program checks the energy flow in each organ. If they are all marked, it goes through the individual mudras giving them priority settings one by one. It then switches the energy flow in the body in a quantum way and the energy flows through the body as if the client was actually holding the selected mudra. The flow of energy in the body is then harmonized.

Recommended settings for that program:  3 times a day for 30 minutes.
Pulsation 0/s morning/noon/afternoon

EFT – Emotional Freedom Techiques

EFT is very good at dealing with phobias, fears, anxieties, it is used for relationship problems or to deal with events that have not yet been processed and are troubling you.

EFT leads to unblocking them and thus getting rid of a long unprocessed emotion that is often linked to a physical health problem that you may be suffering from at the same time. EFT helps on the one hand your psyche by quickly bringing it to a state of well-being and calm, and on the other hand your physical body, which, after the psychological alignment, starts to function much better and you perceive that its proper functions are being adjusted.

Program settings:

In the window in the middle, write the problem that is bothering the client and a precise description of the feelings it evokes in the client, e.g. :

– Fear of the spider, its hairs, eyes, its ugly appearance, its climbing or jumping, its bites, etc.

– tightening of the stomach, feeling like vomiting, heat all over the body, panic, etc.

Find out what bothers the client most about the thing in question. The more detailed you describe this thing, the faster the harmonization of this problem will be. Before starting the EFT program, ask the client what number from the range of 1-10 they would assign to the problem. 1. means no problem. 10. means a big problem. When you run the program, the points at the ends of all the meridians will begin to flash and energy will begin to flow into them. The meridians relax and affirmations are sent to the subconscious mind to help dissolve these mental blocks. When finished, ask again what number from the intesity of 1-10 he would assign to the problem. If the intensity number has decreased to 1-2 then that’s great. If it has only decreased a little, we can continue to harmonise further, or we can get even more specific and specify the client’s feelings e.g. what the problem tastes like or what colour it is and then write them in the appropriate box.

This way we can work with any psychological problem or even pain in different parts of the body.

At the very end, write an event when you experienced something beautiful. For example, a holiday in the Alps, a first kiss, etc. The program will use this beautiful memory to erase your negative emotions.

Along with the EFT program, the Recliring program also runs in the background to help erase negative feelings.

Recommended settings for that program:  Depending on the client’s given needs.
Pulsation 70/s


This group includes programs for total body detoxification, blood and lymph detoxification, as well as graphene and spike protein neutralization. This program is suitable for use in combination with the EPI-TMC program, which is in the Harmonization category and also neutralizes graphene and spike protein.

Recommended settings for that program: Depending on the client’s needs.
Pulsation 0/s


If you are involved in homeopathic treatment, you have at your disposal a totally unique tool that can produce any homeopathic remedy, in any potency. We have approximately 11,500 of them in our database. They are listed alphabetically. If you cannot find a homeopathic remedy, just enter it in the left field above with the appropriate potency, e.g. 30 CH. In the middle of the screen you will find the Transmission button. Clicking on this icon will transfer the information, matrix or frequency to a pre-selected location, to vials, water, sugar etc on the device.  If you do not specify a potency, the program will determine the potency for the person you specify. We can also use this program to broadcast the chosen homeopathic remedies to the client in a quantum way.

Recommended settings for that program: 3 times a day for 20 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s morning/afternoon

Lymphatic system

Dental system

Cardiac system

Muscular system

Respiratory system

Digestive system



Nose – Sinuses

Eyes – Ears



All of these programs contain detailed descriptions of the organs and systems in which harmonization can also be set. If possible set a specific problem. The effectiveness of harmonization is then more effective.

The recommended setting of these programs: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s


This program helps with clients’ allergic problems. There are several programs to neutralize allergens, reduce histamine levels, stimulate the adrenal glands and liver, relieve inflammation and itching, etc. Remember that there are other settings for allergies in other categories as well. This applies to the other programs as well.

Recommended settings for these programs: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s


This program attempts to convince pathogens to mutate, if they are capable of doing so, into a beneficial strain for our bodies. If not, it attempts to push them out of the body, and ultimately tries to paralyze or kill them. Pathogens in the database are just representatives of a category, and if we check the pathogen of a particular fungus, it looks for related species. If a person does not want to change his diet, the effectiveness of this program is limited because the body is constantly over-acidified. You can type any pathogen in the box on the top left.

The recommended setting of this program: 3 times a day for 20 minutes.
Pulsation 70 000 /s

Sport – exercise

In this category you will find several programs for athletes. For example, stimulation of flexibility, muscles, oxygen, concentration, but also recovery programs, for example, harmonization of bruises, fractures, dislocations, muscle spasms, sprains, post-surgical conditions. Next in this category are various holographic exercises. For example, exercises of yoga (Asanas), Taichi, Hypoborean wave, Qigong, running, fast walking, swimming but also exercises of Druids 1-3… The last mentioned exercise of Druid 1 is so powerful that it will induce deep breathing within a minute with breaks of several seconds. A very good program for everyone, especially asthmatics.


In this category you will find programs for skin tightening, overall facial toning, hair restoration, eyelash growth, cellulite program, skin detoxification, prion neutralization, gluten and overall rejuvenation and weight loss.

Recommended settings for these programs: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s.

Frequency planet

This category contains the planets of our solar system. Each planet has its light wave recorded plus the planet’s sound frequency.

Recommended settings for these programs: 2 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsations 7/s

Correction up to 7 years

This special program erases from the subconscious mind negative information acquired before birth and other negative information acquired up to the age of 7. If you type Correction by age 12 in the box at the top left and save it, then the correction will continue until age 12.

Recommended settings for these programs: once a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsations 0/s


The first part of this program contains the recorded frequencies of the EPI product. These are some of the best preparations designed to harmonize the body. For each one it is written for which organ or system harmonization they can be used. Very important at this time, especially for vaccinated people, is the EPI-TMC product which is designed to neutralize spike protein and graphene along with another program, which is the last in the Detox category, which is also designed to neutralize these harmful substances. There are very many other harmonizations in the Harmonization category. For example, autopathic, urine, tachyon, alkaline, cintamani, anti-allergenic, infectious, anti-tumor, cellular, cranial, etc. harmonizations. I would also like to draw attention to Tree Hugging Harmonization in this category. We must always tick both kinds of trees. One has an energy of + and the other has an energy of -. Usually the tree with the positive polarity will connect to the client and pull out all the negative energy. It cleanses the aura very well, but even some psychic problems. It takes about five minutes for the aura to recede a few inches from the body. You feel partially tired. After this cleansing harmonization, a tree with negative polarity joins you and starts giving you energy. The aura begins to unzip and can reach tens or hundreds of meters within an hour. Another interesting harmonization is the Transformation of water in the body into liquid crystals. When this program is triggered, the water molecules are assembled into a crystalline lattice of liquid crystals. When light hits the skin, these liquid crystals begin to concentrate energy and then radiate it into the body. This results in an energetic strengthening of all organs. One of the important harmonizations is the AWL psyche harmonization with a number generator. This program diagnoses which number series is most predominant in the body. For example, if a number series containing the number 1 is predominant and it detects that we have it in the body 7 times, it will add all the remaining series so that they are also in the body 7 times. Since all the number series from 1-9 are aligned, there is inner peace and harmony. One of the other harmonies is the Frequency Generation of 10 to 42. This frequency is the frequency of a healthy person. As one gets older, this frequency decreases. When it falls below a certain value a person dies. By running this program, we tune the person back to this frequency. It will manifest itself in an influx of increased energy. There are several anti-cancer programs in the AWL generator. One of the most important is in this category under the name Antineoplastics. This program disrupts and prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. In this category we also have all the Schüssler salts, super foods, probiotics and Bach essences. It also includes different types of massages.

Recommended settings for these programs: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 0/s

Instrument simulation

This category contains several simulations of different bio-resonance devices. After checking the appropriate instrument, the instrument performs diagnostics and then runs the harmonization program. The price of the most expensive instrument is around 120 000 euro. Very important programs are Activation of light into cells, Increase of electrical voltage in cells -50-110mV, Increase of polarization+ and – between membrane and cell center. To complete the information cancer cells only have about -15 mV. Other harmonizations in this column are harmonizations with hydrogen, xenon, organo-preparations, essential oils, Ayurvedic plants, Bach flowers, etc. At the end of the column we find the different frequencies of the brain’s state of consciousness. After checking the appropriate level, the program detects your current brain frequency and starts decreasing or increasing it depending on the one you choose. From the well-known ones such as Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta levels, but also unknown to Western medicine, used by Tibetan monks. It’s the Epsilon 0.1 Hz level that connects the heart and brain. There is a coherence of the two brain hemispheres, heartbeat and breathing. It triggers about 1300 healing processes in the body. It is very good to set this frequency at night so that healing processes can take place at night. The other levels are Gama, Hypergama, Lamda and Hyperlamda.The higher the level, the more calming occurs in the body and soul. These levels range from 40 – 340 Hz. Initially set these levels for just a few minutes and gradually increase. Tibetan monks have been learning this for years and you will get to these states in minutes. If you overdo it, some of you may get a severe headache. Combined with the 6th Dimension Activation program, where the frequency of your body is raised to the frequency of the Avatars, (this program can be found in the HOLONANOBOTS section), your body sensations can reach a state of nirvana. Your Aura then reaches distances of tens and hundreds of kilometers. The average radiation of the aura of humans is 1.5-3 m. For healers, it’s around 15-25 m. There are also programs against addiction to smoking and drinking alcohol.

Recommended settings for these programs: According to the individual needs of the client.
Pulsation 0/s

Tree of Life.

It is one of the most powerful harmonization categories. These programs are by Arkady Petrov and are described in the books Light Boards. This category contains a large number of special rays that do their work. Each ray is thoroughly described as to what it is used for. Each program it a pearl. It cures physical and psychological problems. For any healing, use the Energy-Information Field Harmonization program. You have very many categories of healing, but the programs in this category, you should use as much as possible.

The recommended setting for these programs: 3 times a day for 60 minutes.
Pulsation 7/s

Harmonization of animals

In this category we have 8 groups of animals. They are Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Pigs, Fish, Reptiles and Rodents. If we click on any group, a lot of different diseases that these animals suffer from will appear in the right window. These diseases are described in quite a bit of detail and you can also set their harmonizations.


In this category we can use holographic stickers. The stickers are equipped with certain healing frequencies that act on the organs and psyche. After selecting a certain sticker and pressing the start button, the sticker is holographically stuck to the veins on the inside of both hands. If we use a sticker for pain, we have to specify the sticking point in the top left window, e.g. the left elbow. We can also use more than one sticker at a time.


“Emotions,” wrote Aristotle (384-322 B.C.), “are all those feelings which so change men as to affect their judgments, and which are also accompanied by pain or pleasure. Such are anger, pity, fear, and the like, with their opposites.” Emotions are a truly heterogeneous category that encompasses a wide range of important psychological phenomena. Some emotions are very specific when they relate to a particular person, object, or situation. Others, such as anxiety, joy or depression , are very general. Some emotions are very brief and barely conscious, such as a sudden burst of embarrassment or an outburst of anger. Others, such as long-lasting love or smouldering resentment, are protracted, lasting hours, months or even years (in which case they may become a permanent feature of the individual).

In this category we find various negative emotions that can be gotten rid of or better said dissolved with the help of herbal essences. In the category, we choose a certain emotion, mark it and after pressing the start button, a certain frequency of the essence of the herbs is triggered. We can even smell it as they are programmed as aroma therapy.

BioSignatures – BioGeometry

BioGeometry is the science of shape energy; it uses shapes, colors, movement, orientation and sound to create a vibrational quality that balances energy fields. BioGeometric shapes are two- or three-dimensional shapes specifically designed to interact with the Earth’s energy fields to create balancing effects at multiple levels of biological systems.

In BioGeometry shapes and BioSignatures we talk about a design language. We are trying to read the energetic language of nature that is manifested in the shapes we see. We don’t create them, but we discover them, very much like electricity, which we didn’t create, but we learned to manipulate. We must learn to decipher these shapes in order to use them. There is no symbolic value or meaning in BioGeometry or BioSignature. They function like integrated circuits on computer chips and are not dependent on any belief or skepticism on the part of the user.

BioGeometry shapes balance the body’s energies on various levels; positive effects are usually felt on emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels. They have been found to be effective in a very wide range of ways, including protection from harmful radiation emanating from the Earth, which is thought to be a major cause of cancer, and various types of man-made pollution. For specific therapeutic purposes, research is underway in collaboration with physicians in the science of BioGeometry, BioSignatures, which deals with the energy of shape in relation to the specific functions of body organs.

Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim has done extensive research and found that BioGeometry shapes have three primary vibrational qualities:1) Negative green. 2) Higher harmonic ultraviolet. 3) Higher harmonic gold. Only shapes that create energy fields with all three components, called BioGeometry3 (BG3), are BioGeometry shapes.
In the category of BioSingnats we mark certain organs that need an energetic boost. When the start button is pressed, these energy symbols are uploaded holographically in 3D directly to the selected organs. If the energy in the organs is low, this symbol will energetically replenish this energy to the required level. If the organ no longer needs it, it will stop drawing this energy. Thus, it cannot overwhelm any organ energetically in any case. The symbols are taken directly from the matrices of nature and work on the basis of bioresonance.


In this category we can use the transfer of information of healthy organs and cells to help transfer information from one photo to another “photo” better said directly to the person who is being harmonized.

On the left is a photo of the person on whom the transfer of information is performed. It should be no more than 6 weeks old. On the right we upload several photos from our childhood when we were as healthy as possible and in an ideal state of mind – happy. At least one photo. There must be no other person and no other objects in the photos. Ideally, it is a good idea to crop this photo in a computer photo editing program.

Chemicals and various negative discarding are neutralized from the photo by the program. When the start button is pressed, the information and matrix of healthy cells from the childhood photos begin to transfer directly into the client’s body.

We can also use this category by uploading a photographed quality medicine, plant or symbol, etc. instead of a childhood photo. and then when the start button is pressed, this information is uploaded directly into the client’s body.

Turbo button

When the Turbo button is turned on, the transfers are accelerated several times and the harmonization efficiency is faster and more effective. For some very sensitive persons this may be too strong in some cases. When the Turbo button is clicked, it turns on turbo mode in all categories.


It is a very specific technology. In this category you will find 33 groups of nanobots. Each group has a different work activity. For example, cleaning blood vessels, distributing oxygen, repairing organs. These holonanobots carry control over the human body, brain, immune system, etc. There are tens of millions of them working in each group. They work completely independently. They can work outside the body. They can raise the body’s frequency from 10 to 48-52. This is the frequency of the 6th Dimension used by the Avatars. (To give you an idea, the frequency of a healthy person is 10 to 42.) In combination with the Lamda and Hyperlamda program, which is in the Harmonization category, you can then experience states of absolute peace. Some call it a state of Nirvana.


If we click on the Group icon at the top we can find all databanks again. We don’t normally use these because everyone has their own personal settings. If we set something here, then this selected extra thing will be added to all clients that are in this group.

Example 1: We open the Minerals databank. We select the Lapiz lazuli stone and the Amber stone. Set the start time and the harmonization time. Use the Save icon to confirm.  Then this information is saved and applies to all clients that are in the Common Quantum Harmonization database.  The Lapiz lazuli stone has the property that it causes more sensitivity, about 20-100%, opens the third eye etc… Amber suppresses inflammation in the body. Immediately it starts to affect the whole group.

Example 2: Open the databank. Affirmations. We select a particular affirmation or mantra. We set the start time and the harmonization time. Confirm with the Save icon.  Then the whole group is very positively affected and those who perceive it will see that most of the people in the group will have their Aura expanded.

Recommended settings for this program:  Exceptional for a period of time.

Some therapists take a different approach. They set up a basic treatment for all clients directly in the group. E.g. Aura harmonization, meridians, hormones, DNA, dimensions, affirmations, prayers, detox, and then in the personal setting they will add some specification of other issues that the client has. You can choose the setup that works better for you.

It is very good for clients to read this releasing affirmation 3 times before starting the AWL1 quantum generator harmonization.

My subconscious and conscious mind is lovingly opening to all that is new and beautiful that will positively enrich my life at this time. I am letting go of my old mental patterns and only accepting new programs that will move me forward in my life. I receive all the information sent from the quantum generator that will lead me to greater love, inner peace, physical and mental harmony. This desire is now becoming a living reality in my life. Amen.

In distance quantum harmonization, it has been proven that clients read this affirmation 3 times in succession each day, morning and evening. There is then a better connection between the subconscious mind and the quantum generator. The effectiveness of the harmonization is then on average 40% more effective. Reading this affirmation for 3 weeks is very important. Then the client does not have to repeat it so often. That is why it is good to print this affirmation and give it to the client to take with him.

The program will be continuously updated. If a new update message appears when you connect, you can download it to your PC. The client database will not be deleted.

There are currently 3 variants of the AWL1, AWL2 and AWL3. The basic model AWL1 can be extended to AWL2 where it is possible to treat animals of which there are 8 groups in the database. From the treatment of horses to the treatment of rodents. AWL3 is further extended with a group of holographic nanobots. Holonanobots use a completely different technology. I’m working independently. They are not controlled by the human body and can work outside the body. For example, they can clean blood vessels, transfer oxygen, raise the body’s frequency to the level of the avatars, etc. There are 33 groups in total, and each group does a different job. Each group contains tens of millions of holonanobots. It is also possible to expand the basic version with holonanobots without healing animals.

God bless you in your hard work. I wish you to use this program to help yourself first of all, then your clients and to live many beautiful days in joy and with peace of mind.

Alex Waldemar Laufersweiler